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Independence Day for the Lives We Save …

Independence Day for the Lives We Save …


Happy Independence Day Indeed!!

What a great event on the day that our country celebrates its’ Independence Day and what an honor to walk in such a historical event in Evanston as it celebrated a 150-years of Independence. We walked in this parade with a new sense of freedom as we began to acknowledge what this day meant to the lives we saved. Each one should not of been at this parade. Each one had no time left, no where to go and no one left to care. But then a new future opened up when Wagging Hearts became involved. Lives were saved, one-by-one with the combined help of our foster community, volunteers and supporters who allow us to provide them with a new future. A few lives now have a new sense of independence, on a new road to freedom. This parade provided an opportunity to walk in the sunshine while looking for a new forever family amongst the many who gathered along Central Street. The colors, sounds and movements were a sight to behold as the procession moved along to the beat of the day!

Watching all the participating floats and organizations who brought their talent and energy to such a bright, beautiful day. The crowd was loud, happy and dedicated to whooping it up for a little puppy love and entertainment! Wagging Hearts brought a sea of green in the form of our volunteers, fosters, adopters and board members. Two-legged and four-legged alike. The many dogs that walked are available for adoption. We could not have been prouder, or walked taller, next to the dedicated hearts that came out to help walk our rescues. From the hearts of those who were saved and placed on the road to freedom…thank you for all you do!

We could NOT do this without each and every one of our fosters, adopters, volunteers and supporters. We hope you enjoy a look at this very special ‘Independence Day’ for our adoptables and our rescue. Happy Fourth of July sweet friends and family.


Foster Homes in Short Supply …

Foster Homes in Short Supply …

WH_slider-foster-alertWagging Hearts is in urgent need of foster homes to help save the lives that come our way. We see so many abandoned spirits who have so much to give if only given the opportunity to shine once more.

A few lives we saved currently in need of a loving, foster home:
Otis, Allie, Mocha, Jacob, Tonto

All of whom are looking for foster homes and will provide endless laughter while waiting patiently for a forever home to find them. Please email if you can provide a loving home wrapped in sweet tenderness to one of our rescue pets. Connect with us without delay! Find out if fostering is right for you by visiting our foster section today! If so, email to get started.

Thanks for your continued support.

Otis, sweet and missing a family

Otis, sweet and missing a family

WH_slider-foster-OtisOtis was saved from a high-kill shelter in Chicago, IL just as his time was up. Just a mere 9-months old when Wagging Hearts discovered his dire plight and pulled him to safety. Otis was among the hundreds tucked away behind ‘Rescue-Only’ doors. Unavailable to the public unless a rescue organization became involved in time to save their life. Hours mean the difference between life and death. Otis was saved not only from the clock but also found to be very ill upon closer examination. He was rushed to the vet with pneumonia where he was monitored 24-hours a day while being nursed back to health. Otis is currently healed and his spirit continues to blossom.

Otis is a pittie mix who is now healthy and growing by leaps and bounds at a young age of 11-months. A heart filled with sweetness. Great with other dogs and ready to be a part of a solid forever family. Otis was being fostered (with another Wagging Heart rescue pittie) by a wonderful family who was relocated out-of-state. So once more Otis will need another place to rest his head. His short life has been a series of transitions and his young puppy heart wants yearns for someone to love. And for once in his life…to find someone to love him unconditionally, consistently and diligently. Fill out an application for Otis if he strikes your fancy and offer to foster, foster-to-adopt, or maybe just jump right into forever love and adopt Otis right away. He is patiently waiting for someone to see just how special he is, don’t make Otis wait any longer. Act now and take him into your home today!!

Whiskey, An Adventurous Soul


Meet Whiskey, a male, Coonhound/Pointer mix. Currently in foster looking for forever love. A sweet and handsome boy with a coat that just shines in the sun. Eyes soulful and deep, filled with mysteries of untold stories. Whiskey was saved from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. He made the journey in early May and has been staying with his foster family in Northern Illinois. Unwinding and exploring life has all that has been on this boy’s mind. He enjoys the company of other dogs but cats seem to draw just a little too much attention from Whiskey. He is true to his breed characteristics and will need consistent exercise and rigorous activity to keep his active mind content. Nose to the ground or in the air to see what is near. Whiskey is always on alert and ever ready to call out with a series of bays when someone has arrived. Diligent and focused on his surroundings, Whiskey is just alight with joy for his surroundings. A little jumpy and learning his manners so a little understanding will be needed. An all-around joy to watch as seen in his latest video debut.

“A sweet, loving, energized-spirit in need of a home.”

Consider filling out an adoption application and to request a meet and greet with Whiskey. It won’t take long for you to see his charm and fall hard for those beautiful, shining eyes. Whiskey is just an application away.

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Forever Homes Wrapped in Furever Love.


The Impact of Forever Homes … is just immense. We could not do this without the support of our foster homes who provide love and care wrapped in a comfortable setting. Our animals experience positive nurturing, socialization and attention in their foster homes so they are ready and able to connect with furever love when it comes their way. Such as in the cases of Noodles, Casey Lane, Kiera, Max and Walter. All of these animals were rescued by Wagging Hearts when time was not on their side. Fading away into darkness and now because of four adopters and their families…they are thrust back into the light. This is what it is all about and with the continued support of our foster families and the community of animal lovers seeking to provide a rescue animal with a permanent home. This chain is delicate and could not be achieved without each crucial part acting as one; RESCUE to FOSTER to ADOPTION to FUREVER LOVE. Please share the powerful impact of adopting a rescue animal with family and friends. Let’s hope they have an opportunity to become a part of this delicate chain of life-saving events.

Thank you for being a part of their forever. We are grateful that you saw these beautiful spirits and acted on a desire to provide a forever home wrapped in furever love.

Consider changing the life of a rescue animal by providing some furever love today. Please take a moment to look at the animals of Wagging Hearts who are in need of permanent homes that they can fill with their love, joy and kisses. Find a face you connect with and fill out an adoption application to start the process. Don’t delay, visit our adoptables section so you can make that life-changing connection now.

ADOPT-A-PET 2013 rescue badge awarded to Wagging Hearts

Wagging Hearts has received the 2013 Seal of Approval from ADOPT-A-PET which recognizes us as a credible and approved rescue according to their organizations screening process. Many individuals search ADOPT-A-PET on a daily basis attempting to locate their forever friend and need a way to verify the rescue they select. Now all you need to do is look for the award-winning badge and know you have found a friend.

Wagging Hearts is here for you when the time comes to add some forever love to your existing family. When you are ready for some additional joy and laughter…we are just a ‘credible and approved‘ search away. Come view our adoptables today!


Rescue Dog Lost and NOW FOUND!



UPDATE: KIERA has been found and is settled once more in a foster home. She made her way North to Zion, around 20 miles away, and showed up without a scratch on her nor any dirt. She was clean as a whistle and ready to come back home after her journey. We are thankful for the happy and joyful ending. The many family and friends that came out in response was just amazing. Thank you is just not enough when you trudged through mud, ticks and water seeking signs of our beautiful Kiera. Thankfully she is well and back to watching the world, waiting patiently for forever love to find her. Please fill out an adoption application if you are interested in meeting Kiera.


Please help us locate our sweet Kiera who we rescued from a Kentucky hoarding situation several weeks ago. Kiera is an Australian Shepherd Mix, about 3-years old who was being watched by a family member when she got loose on Saturday night, May 18th. We have been working hard coordinating search teams and navigating the woods, trails and streets of Gurnee. We are desperate to have our beautiful girl back. She is shy and a bit timid, dragging a leash and wearing a collar that is black with white details. Please don’t chase her as she might get spooked and run into danger or trouble. Instead, please call us so we can head to the area immediately.

Kiera is mostly black with gold on her face, chest, underbelly and paws. There is no missing her striking eyes with one golden brown and one crystal blue. Plese share and pass along Kiera’s flyer in hopes that someone sees her. She is microchipped and waiting to come back to us so we can get her back on her road to forever love. She has traveled many miles and has been through much so we search with heavy hearts as we watch with hope for any news or sightings. If seen or found, please call 847-809-8439 or 847-284-0456. And please help distribute Lost Dog flyer to bring Kiera additional exposure. Thank you for your help and updates to come as they occur.

Adoption Event at Petco this Saturday from 11-2 pm

WH_Event-banner2Get ready to meet some amazing personalities at our adoption event this Saturday!

We will be gathering pups to adults for this Saturday, May 18th from 11-2 PM at Petco in Round Lake Beach, IL. Come meet some of our sweeties and get the family ready for the new addition to the family!

Don’t forget to fill out an adoption application in advance if you make a love connection while perusing our online adoptables database. This way you can be ready to take that special life home on adoption day!!

If you have adopted someone from us in the past please stop by for a visit! We would love to see everyone. Can Saturday get here any faster!!