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Happy Wagging Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will try to brighten your week by doing a feature post of one of our animals that is in search of their forever home! Please share to brighten your family and friends days and you never know when it might be the right animal for the right person!
Hi folks. My name is Bunny. I am a young jack russell terrier with personality up the ying yang. I never met a two legger I didn’t love. I’m not a fan of cats or dogs bigger than my fine self, which is about 90% of the canine population since I only weigh about 15 lbs. I am, however, a fan of kids and would love some skin siblings to love and play with. I’m guessing they could teach me a few tricks and I could teach them a few in return. My short term foster momma let me snuggle with her in bed all night and then left me out during the day and I just waited for her at the door no accidents and I didn’t chew anything either! That just shows you I’m a great gal! Now who has the perfect home for me with small dogs, no cats and some kids or a lap that I can call my own?! I’m up to date on all my vaccinations and spayed. No more puppies for this gal. I need to maintain my svelte figure so I can keep up with a new forever family. 13139053_10101446205794366_1802022271839379049_n13178051_1143180419046664_2064096524719467431_n 13179362_606314826185109_1764224054039818060_n