How You Can Help Through Donations

We wish we could support the lives we save on our love and dedication alone but we cannot. We rely on the good hearts and minds of our supporters. Wagging Hearts is 100% volunteer-based rescue that has saved over 5,500 animals since 2011. That equates to more than 6 lives a day that have been saved over the last 4 years. We could not of done this without the support of our community, family and friends. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when many come together in a united effort. Mountains have been moved. And lives continue to be saved through physical and financial donations. Consider donating to Wagging Hearts in one of several ways.
We appreciate any and all assistance.

Wagging Hearts Honorary Contributors Society: leveled-donation contributions

  • $500 +   Loving Hearts’ Angel
  • $250 – $499  Hearts’ Stopper
  • $100 – $249  Hearts’ Benefactor
  • $50 – $99   Sponsor ‘Belle
  • $25 – $49  Caring Contributor
  • $1 – $24  Wagging Hearts Friend

One-Time Donation through Cash, Credit or Check.

Check’s payable to: Wagging Hearts Animal Rescue

Mail Address: Wagging Hearts, 260 E. Belvedere Road, #369, Hainesville, IL 60030

PayPal Donations: Can be directed to

Wagging Hearts Medical Fundraiser

‘Lend A Paw’ Wish List: please email for locations near you to drop off donated items.

‘Greatest Need’ Sponsorships: Connect with a Wagging Hearts representative to inquire on which one of our rescue pets has the greatest need for financial sponsorship based on their current situation. Arrangements are established which clearly define what treatments to be sponsored. Photos and updates provided as well-as direct payment options to veterinarian practice performing treatment. Email: to start a sponsorship partnership with a rescue in need today.

Where Do the Donations Go? Wagging Hearts applies all donations toward the care and enhancing the quality of lives for the animals in our steward. We apply financial contributions toward the vet bills consistently influx. Our rescues can arrive with some severe yet treatable issues which we attend to prior to placement in a foster or forever home. These issues can be anything from upper respiratory Issues, worming issues, Heartworm treatments, genetic deformities, inadequate nutritional needs, etc. Wagging Hearts also provides sanctuary for animals in high-kill shelters out-of-state and incurs the vetting and transportation fees associated with this life-saving migration. Also the expenses incurred for providing the optimal exposure for our adorable adoptables from adoption events to large-scale fundraising campaigns. Expenses add up while the lives are never-ending which is why donations are also applied to educational and advocacy campaigns concentrating on the younger youth groups. Spay/Neuter advocacy as well as Puppy Mill/store campaigns are needed to gather strength in numbers and empathy.

Email queries or concerns to: or call (855) WAGGING.