Consider the many ways to support Wagging Hearts, lend a paw for the animals and promote our mission to save as many lives as possible with quality care and love:

Lend A Paw Wish List. Help us defray some of the costs of caring for so many rescued animals by providing some much needed items from our Lend A Paw Wish List. Email for a location near you to drop off your donations.

Donations. Financial assistance can be provided in multiple ways but appreciated in one-heartfelt way. We cannot always project where and when we will most need financial support but believe each and every dollar saves lives.

  • Give a one-time donation to our general Medical Fund or Paypal account. The money raised helps bring down our veterinarian bills and boarding costs.
  • Sponsor A Wagging Hearts Rescue Animal. Connect with us to offer sponsorship for one of our rescues in need. Choose among the medical cases we have such as Heartworm Positive treatments, broken bones, illnesses or genetic deformities, etc. We will provide updates and photos of the animals progress in appreciation of your financial assistance.
  • Planned Giving. We welcome you to add Wagging Hearts as a beneficiary in your will, allowing you to leave a legacy that continues your compassion and commitment to animal welfare. For more information contact

Volunteer. Join our Volunteer Network and provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Fostering
  • Adoption Events: Work an event aimed at connecting our rescues with adopters.
  • Fundraising Events: Give public exposure to our rescue, the animals and our mission.
  • Dog Handling/Care Givers during public events
  • Transportation Assistance (vetting, event, grooming, etc. appointments)
  • Boarding playtime for our rescues.
  • And much, much more.