We are looking for a few new volunteers who can provide some time and support to the various opportunities available in areas such as animal care, events and fundraising, transportation and more. We are currently recruiting volunteers for the following specific tasks:

  • Adoption Event Days – Help our rescues connect with their forever homes by assisting us at one of our upcoming adoption days. We need experienced individuals who can promote our animals by walking and handling our dogs during the event. The more positive exposure they receive, the better their chances of catching the eye of ‘Forever Love’. These events are key to a successful first encounter which opens up the potential for a submission of an adoption application. We will provide training on our processes and materials on the adoptables.
  • Vet & Grooming Transportation – Have a car and willing to make a much-needed run to the vet or pet salon? If so, we could use your help! We are seeking individuals 18+ and older who have a valid drivers licenses to connect with us today. All we ask is to have our animals picked up and dropped off for a scheduled appointment and then returned safely and lovingly to their original location.
  • Social Media Blasts and Sharing – If you are just a little computer savvy we could use your talents! We need volunteers to help us promote our adoptables along with our animals in need of foster homes who are temporarilly located in boarding. We ask for our savvy, social media buffers to load pictures and descriptions for our available animals. Share and gain community attention for the lives waiting for their forever’s to start!!
  • Thank You Letters and Other Mailings – Looking for a “thankful” task? If so, this is right up your alley! Help us coordinate thank you notes and other mailings to help us promote exposure for our adoptables/rescues, attention on our animal migration partnership with the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter in Corbin, Kentucky and many other mission-focused initiatives. Such as the importance spay/neutering plays in the lives of Wagging Hearts animals. We rescue and fix ALL of our saved animals (unless medical situations arise) to help slow down the numbers entering shelters across America.
  • Event Planning and Fundraising – If you are interested in party planning, coordinating an event, or raising a little money we’ve got work for you! Wagging Hearts is working on coordinating many events and fundraisers for the upcoming months and we could use your help.
  • Laundry Duty – With so many animals looking for their homes, the laundry doesn’t stop. We’d love your help in getting the towels, blankets, sheets, etc. to the laundry mat and bringing them back to our fosters’ homes.

Please contact us today if you are interested in any of our Volunteer Opportunities. Do you have a special skill or talent you believe could help our pets or just have additional questions for us? We are just an email away at volunteer@wagginghearts.org. We look forward to receiving your correspondence and can’t wait for you to be a part of our Wagging Hearts Volunteer Community today! Thank you for your support.