Wagging Wednesday!

Happy Wagging Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will try to brighten your week by doing a feature post of one of our animals that is in search of their forever home! Please share to brighten your family and friends days and you never know when it might be the right animal for the right person!

We would like to reintroduce you to Bessy a 6 year old beagle who has been searching for her forever home for quite some time and she just doesn’t understand why?! She loves to play and wiggle her butt for scratches in the morning. She thinks she is the star of her own version of “Risky Business” as she likes to “rev” up and use her foster mom’s runners in the kitchen in place of a wood floor and a pair of white socks. I really like to just sit in the yard and sun bath with the wind flopping my ears. I am potty trained and love to go for short walks with my foster friends. I am so happy meeting new people that I love to greet people with my smile and wagging tail at any of the adoption events I attend. Please be my forever family so I can share all the love that I have to give.12400699_826208190858506_1927821934870536587_n 12891058_10209463247844735_5166438667047053244_o 12898307_10209464093985888_6566121887411166648_o 12901507_10209463249564778_2186808231956837634_o

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