Adoption Events

Check back closer to adoption events to see who will be joining us for each weekend!

Rocky’s Pizza (1440 Grand Avenue Lindenhurst)

Saturday September 10, 12-5

Pets Supplies Plus-Gurnee (6675 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL 60031)

Saturday September 17, 11-3

Sunday September 18, 12-3

Dog-tober Fest 2016 (Deicke Park Route 47 and Mill Street Huntley, IL)

Sunday, September 18 12pm-4pm

McBark – Gary Lang: (2500 N Richmond Rd, McHenry, IL 60051)

Sunday September 25, 11am-2pm

Adoption Event Weekend!

Who wants to come out this weekend and get some adoptable love and maybe find a new forever friend?! We will be at two locations on Saturday so make sure you check to see who will be where if you are interested in adopting.

We will be at:
Rocky’s Pizzeria (1440 Grand Avenue Lindenhurst) from 11 to 3

Channahon Three Rivers Festival (24856 W. Eames St, Channahon, IL) from 12 to 5. The festival will include a carnival, three main stage attractions, bingo, crafts/ flea market vendors, food, beer tent, live entertainment and a parade on Sunday! Come on out with the whole family-even if you aren’t looking for a new furry family member.

If you have been considering adoption make sure you fill out an application from to begin the preapproval process! Any questions let us know!

Beach Fest!

Who is coming out to our event next weekend at Beach Fest in Round Lake Beach ( 2007 Civic Center Way Round Lake Beach IL)
We will be there on Friday June 24, 2016 from 3-8p Saturday June 25, 2016 from 1-8p and Sunday June 26, 2016 from 1-6p. We will have lots of our adoptables on site to meet and snuggle with and you could potentially find your new family member! Check back later this week to see who will be joining us!

If you have been considering adoption please check out our adoptables and submit a completed application from to begin the preapproval process. Any applications submitted after 4p Thursday please bring a copy with to the event. Check back later to see who will be joining us which days!

Adoption Event!

Who is coming out tomorrow to our adoption event hosted by Liberty Subaru of Libertyville from 11a-4p?! We are going to be joined by lots of our adoptables who are looking for their forever families to snuggle and play with! If you have been considering adoption or just want to come out and visit for some snuggles and laughter we can’t wait to see you there! You can begin filling out the application from to begin the approval process! (If submitted after 3p Friday you may be asked to bring a copy of your application with!) Saturday we will be joined by Avery, Amber Marie, Autnm, Bernie, Bessie, Beth, Bobo, Brantley, Bridget, Buddy Boy, Buffalo, Dawson, Friday, Gemma, Jameson, Jan, Johnny Walker, Jose Cuevero, June Bug, Lula, Lydia, Mable, Manhattan, Marcia, Mojito, Nick Furry, Quinn, Ray Vaughn, Sara, Shades, Skyy, Snicklefritz, Souke, Sugar and others! If you have any questions please let us know! We hope to see everyone there!

Liberty Subaru

Adoption Event

Who wants to come out this weekend to meet some of or adorable adoptables? We will be at the Pets Supplies Plus in Gurnee (6675 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL 60031) on Saturday May 21 from 11-3 and Sunday May 22 from 12-3. We will be joined by lots of our adoptables that are in search of their forever homes! If you are considering adopting one of our sweeties please submit your application from prior to the event to begin the preapproval process. (If you submit your application Thursday after 4p please bring a copy of your application with. )
Saturday we will be joined by Serrano, Manhattan, Kellie, Kalea, Bunny, Beth, Aspen, Faline, Bluebell, Shiloh, Thumper, Sage, Gossip, Ruffy, Ray Vaughn. Jasper, Rumor, Duncan, Booker, Diamond, Callaway, Buffalo, Birckle and others! Make sue you come out and meet these adorable adoptables that are just looking for the right home to call their own!


Happy Wagging Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will try to brighten your week by doing a feature post of one of our animals that is in search of their forever home! Please share to brighten your family and friends days and you never know when it might be the right animal for the right person!
Hi folks. My name is Bunny. I am a young jack russell terrier with personality up the ying yang. I never met a two legger I didn’t love. I’m not a fan of cats or dogs bigger than my fine self, which is about 90% of the canine population since I only weigh about 15 lbs. I am, however, a fan of kids and would love some skin siblings to love and play with. I’m guessing they could teach me a few tricks and I could teach them a few in return. My short term foster momma let me snuggle with her in bed all night and then left me out during the day and I just waited for her at the door no accidents and I didn’t chew anything either! That just shows you I’m a great gal! Now who has the perfect home for me with small dogs, no cats and some kids or a lap that I can call my own?! I’m up to date on all my vaccinations and spayed. No more puppies for this gal. I need to maintain my svelte figure so I can keep up with a new forever family. 13139053_10101446205794366_1802022271839379049_n13178051_1143180419046664_2064096524719467431_n 13179362_606314826185109_1764224054039818060_n

Wagging Wednesday!

Happy Wagging Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will try to brighten your week by doing a feature post of one of our animals that is in search of their forever home! Please share to brighten your family and friends days and you never know when it might be the right animal for the right person!

We would like to reintroduce you to Bessy a 6 year old beagle who has been searching for her forever home for quite some time and she just doesn’t understand why?! She loves to play and wiggle her butt for scratches in the morning. She thinks she is the star of her own version of “Risky Business” as she likes to “rev” up and use her foster mom’s runners in the kitchen in place of a wood floor and a pair of white socks. I really like to just sit in the yard and sun bath with the wind flopping my ears. I am potty trained and love to go for short walks with my foster friends. I am so happy meeting new people that I love to greet people with my smile and wagging tail at any of the adoption events I attend. Please be my forever family so I can share all the love that I have to give.12400699_826208190858506_1927821934870536587_n 12891058_10209463247844735_5166438667047053244_o 12898307_10209464093985888_6566121887411166648_o 12901507_10209463249564778_2186808231956837634_o


Happy Wagging Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will try to brighten your week by doing a feature post of one of our animals that is in search of their forever home! Please share to brighten your family and friends days and you never know when it might be the right animal for the right person!

This week we would like everyone to meet Sylvia!

When you look into Sylvia’s eyes you become mesmerized with her beauty? She is an outstanding girl with a personality that shines like the sun. Sylvia is a beautiful 2 year old pitbull mix who was rescued from a high kill shelter. Her foster family calls her turtle because she always seems to fall asleep under her beds instead of on top of them. This girl Loves to run and play with her toys. Especially fond of tug o’ war and any rope or Kong toy she can really chew on. She also really Loves Nylabone chew bones. Sly is really enjoys being outside in her foster family’s back yard as much as possible. She also really is fascinated with the snow. Sylvia is quite the kisser too! She loves to be picked up and held. Loves to snuggle on her foster mommy lap to keep her warm on these cold days we have been having. Sylvia is a very smart girl and could use some brushing up on her basic obedience. She loves to go on walks, and walks very well on her leash. She also really enjoys going for rides in the car. Sylvia is also crate-trained and has never messed in her crate. She likes a giant crate with a bed or pillow and blankets to snuggle into. Needless to say she is a very posh puppy! She is House-trained with the occasional accident. She also lets you know when she needs to go out to potty whining a bit more urgently if she wants to go outside. She is current on her vaccines for her age and is ready to make her forever family love her unconditionally! Please visit our website to complete an application.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!011916 1 012416 3 020216 1 020616 2 bunny crate kong reading snow turtle



KENTUCKY TRANSPORT MISSION for FREEDOM is happening and your homes are urgently needed. Foster and forever families are needed to save the lives you see in these photos. Each one is holding space that is needed for new intakes. This high-kill shelter has limited kennels to house these lost souls which covers intakes from 4 counties in Kentucky. 4 animal controls depositing new lives faster than this shelter can get them back out to save them. Their hands are tied since so many homes have tossed away these weary spirits. So now we must come together to save as many as we can. They have so much left to share, give and experience. Please take a moment to consider being a foster home that will generate the impact of saving a life in dire need of support. Please comment then Email to open heart and home to one in need. Time is short, 24 hours is all we have to make this happen. Will you ACT NOW to save with us? Please share these faces…the light is fading, their time is short.

Click below to see the lives in need of a desperate foster home:



Spring is here and things to look out for!!!

Spring is a beautiful time of the year with the sunshine invigorating our souls. The birds are a flutter with movement and song. The fresh, warm air gives us all a jump start with this new season. Our animals are only to ready to hit the door running as soon as it is opened but with the warm weather and new explorations come the hidden dangers of spring into summer.

Peanut, available for adoption with Wagging Hearts.

What to be prepared for as the temperatures rise and the days turn longer:

Prepare for more outdoor exposure to the elements. Dogs are just like people and the sun can be a deadly force in terms of temperature AND exposure. Dogs can receive sunburn damage especially the lighter the coat, the thinner the coat and the more time spent outdoors without cover. Paws will be softened from spending so much time indoors over the colder months so help your pet build up the padding with walks and runs that build. To avoid injury and issues please start slow and build up your outdoor workouts if they are more than moderate-level. Watch for hotter temperatures on the pavements as the digits rise and always provide water when spending more than a half hour outdoors.

Parasites. Be prepared for the influx of mosquitoes and fleas before the temperatures turn warm. Your preventative medicines will need 30 days to kick in and a secondary dosage to build the proper cover to avoid heartworm contagions. Mosquitoes are carriers for the potentially fatal HEARTWORM disease that they inject into untreated,¬†unsuspecting animals just laying around in the grass of their own backyard. Preventative medicines like HeartGuard, Ivermectin and others are a necessity not a personal choice if you don’t’ want to play Russian roulette with their lives. Heartworm treatment is very hard on an animal especially the older they are and can be very expensive. Then your loyal pet has the ability to also pick up flea and ticks in your own backyard. A flea and tick preventative is also in order to help support a healthy, parasite free interior zone for your animal. Avoid these nasty buggers as they have the ability to spread more contagions inside your loved one that can lead to additional problems and medications. Heartworm as well as flea/tick preventative are monthly treatments to be discussed with a vet partner. A fecal test will be needed for animals that are just beginning this preventative treatment to insure no issues already exist.

BLASTOMYCOSIS: Please to become more familiar with these two deadly diseases becoming more prevalent in the mid-west area. Blastomycosis is a systematic fungal infection commonly found in decaying wood and soil. Blastomycosis occurs most frequently in male dogs, but female dogs are also susceptible. Dog breeds that are scent-oriented or low to the ground are also most susceptible. The fungus thrives in wet environments, such as riverbanks, lakes and swamps, where damp soil lacking direct sunlight fosters growth of the fungus. It is also present in areas that are rich in decaying matter, such as wooded areas, forests, and farms. Their is NO VACCINATION but knowledge is power. Look for the signs and involve your vet as soon as you see the symptoms arise. SYMPTOMS: fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, eye discharge, eye inflammation specifically the iris, respiratory issues (coughing, wheezing, unusual breathing sounds), skin lesions which are usually filled with pus and neurological issues such as seizures or mobility issues. It may be mistaken for cancer and mistreated, or it may be mistaken for a lung infection of bacterial origin and treated with antibiotics, which puts your pet at greater risk. If your pet has been in an environment where the Blastomyces fungus may have been present, at any time in the six weeks previous to the onset of symptoms, you will want to ask your veterinarian to test for fungal infection. (SOURCE:


Leptospirosis: Caused by spiral shaped bacteria mostly found during the summer and fall. It is rare in cats but cases have been found. It is spread through the urine of infected animals, which gets into water or soil and can survive there for weeks to months. Infection occurs when animals become in contact with the contaminated water source through cuts in the skin, eyes, nose or mouth. Drinking water or inhaling bacteria can also cause the disease to manifest in your pets. Signs of disease in dogs may include fever, vomiting, abdominal, pain, diarrhea, weakness, refusal to, eat, depression, stiffness and severe, muscle pain. Some infected animals may show no signs of illness. Kidney damage can also occur. Young animals are usually more severely affected than older animals. Be prevalent and ask your vet partner about the vaccination that will protect your animal!! (SOURCE:

Sniffing Out a Deadly Disease: A personal and tragic case study on Blastomycosis which cost the life of one of Wagging Hearts own rescues Goofy.

Leptospirosis: The fast facts, check them out for yourself and be prepared!!

Microchipping: Your pets will be outdoors with more opportunities for adventure and fun!! Help keep them safe with a secondary loop of safety for them by chipping them with your information. Stay close to the ones you love the most. Ask your vet partner about microchipping today and register that chip to close the loop. A microchip will help reunite your pet with you as it will be scanable by animal control offices, police, vet partners, rescue organizations, etc. which all feed into a national database that you register to be a part of. Ask now, not later.

One in 3 pets will become lost at one point in their lives. Close the loop, protect your pets.

Our pets rely on us to insure their safety within and without. We hope that we have provided some help in watching for areas of potential concern for you and your pet. Stay diligent and loving. Please email today should you have any additional questions or concerns.