Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our companion animals. We at Wagging Hearts believe that the love of a pet is one of life’s greatest gifts. The vast majority of our pets have been saved from a dangerous or difficult situation and are grateful to have a second chance to find a home with a loving forever family.

Each potential pet is unique. Therefore, we believe it is important for you to find the pet that is the best match for your lifestyle. During our adoption process we will ask many questions that you may not have considered until now. Please take the time to seriously consider and address these questions.

Adopting a pet is a wonderful opportunity, but is also a long-term responsibility. Many animals can live for fifteen years or more. If you are not prepared to care for an animal that long, please consider opening your heart to an older pet. We also offer the opportunity to foster an animal in need on a more temporary basis as our goal is insure that all the animals we rescue find forever love. Often times they have already seen some form of trauma whether from being abandoned by their owners, neglected, abused or just lost. A home setting is more natural and comforting than kenneling or boarding which is why our foster homes are so crucial. They provide our rescues with the ability to decompress and shine once more. If you can offer extra time, patience, and attention…we offer an opportunity to provide a second chance to a pet with special needs. Wagging Hearts believes in rescuing all levels of animals as they always bring the same return — PURE LOVE.

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Should you have any further questions, concerns or need for further discussion, please don’t hesitate to email or call (855) 924-4464. We look forward to sharing life’s gifts with you in the shape of a furbaby.