Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster for Wagging Hearts! Fosters are the backbone of Wagging Hearts. It is through their dedication and support that we are able to make a difference in the lives of so many animals and adoptive families. Wagging Hearts does not have one sole location or property to house the lives we save but instead work with an integral network of foster families. These temporary homes are filled with love and attention that many of the animals have never experienced on this level before. The lives that enter these foster homes and lives that leave to embark on their forever homes are often day and night.

These lives shine brilliantly when we shower even a small amount of love and attention their way. Imagine what happens when forever loves rolls their way to sweep them up and away toward a future filled with joy, laughter and an infinite amount of love.

We look for individuals and families who want to provide a temporary, nurturing environment for the rescues we save from difficult and often dire situations. We ask for anywhere from a couple weeks to several months depending on the life being rescued. We ask that the foster attends at least one adoption event monthly to insure positive exposure is provided to help connect a forever family with the foster life. Photos and descriptions are necessary as well as updates on personality traits and adoptable conditions for a better, permanent match.

Please take a moment to read through the Foster Family Conditions below. Please complete the Wagging Hearts Foster Application if you are still interested in being a foster, once you’ve read the conditions.

Wagging Hearts asks fosters to agree to conditions before accepting a foster pet such as:

  • Fosters will provide compassionate and loving care for any fostered animal until such time as a permanent home can be found that meets the standards determined by Wagging Hearts. This care will include, but is not limited to, food, water, shelter and medical attention when required.
  • Fosters will work cooperatively with Wagging Hearts to find the fostered animal a permanent home which may include, but is not limited to, allowing potential adopters to meet the fostered animal either at the Fosters residence or at a mutually convenient location.
  • Fosters must agree to keep the fostered animal primarily inside their residence, always provide more than adequate moving space, and not to allow the fostered animal outside without proper adult supervision.
  • Fosters will not use prong or choke collars or employ harsh training methods including striking or choking the animal in an attempt to discipline.
  • Fosters must understand and accept that the fostered animal is and shall remain the sole property of Wagging Hearts. Fosters do not have the right or authority to keep or place the fostered animal with other homes or other individuals. Moving or placing the fostered animal in a permanent home can only be done with the full knowledge and approval of Wagging Hearts.

If you are still interested in becoming a foster for Wagging Hearts, please take some time to complete our Foster Application. Once you have completed the application follow the instructions on the application to return it to Wagging Hearts for consideration.


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