A Ride to Freedom and the Lives YOU Help US Save

KY Transport Thank You

Too many invisible animals being abandoned, neglected and lost in Corbin, KY. Your crucial help is saving lives and stemming the tide.

Wagging Hearts can’t thank YOU enough when you respond quickly to our call to help share, rescue and save. The Kentucky transport is in a fight to save lives that would otherwise never make it back out. They are fighting a battle at Knox Whitley Animal Shelter in Corbin, Kentucky and Wagging Hearts is here to help with the assistance of partnering rescues, our dedicated Wagging Hearts Community that networks and shares, not to mention our fosters and adopters. Stay tuned for the Kentucky Transport story Ride to Freedom coming soon. Get ready to meet Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, their staff, the animals and allow us to provide a better insight as to why we venture so far from home to bring back so many lost souls. Also get ready to see the astonishing before and after photos from our early May 4th transport. We will then work on the next album from our May 23rd transport.

The impact we create together is astounding and truly amazing. We have seen ripples that have spread far and wide as our hands reach out toward one another in support. The strength of a community is defined by the souls of each one of us as we stand up together in defiance of the challenges at hand.


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