Calling All Fosters …


Wagging Hearts realizes that each and every foster home is a lifeline for our rescues. We would not be able to save the numbers of animals that connect with a forever home without our foster’s time, dedication, care and love. A rescue animal has usually been through quite a journey and may need some decompression and gentle love. Remember that companion animals develop deep and meaningful bonds with their families and they can become traumatized or despondent when they find themselves lost or abandoned. Fast forward to these lives adrift at a shelter filled with stress, noise, fear and usually death. This environment can temporarily affect our rescue animals and some may require a little extra TLC to shine brightly once more. That is where our foster homes becomes a lifeline as joy and happiness flood back into each animals heart and bodies. It is an amazing sight to watch how quickly an animal can rebound when shown kindness and a gentle touch. A foster makes an incredible difference in the life of each rescue. Each foster home is an extension of Wagging Hearts and the backbone which allows us to make such a difference in as many lives as we touch. We hope that you may want to be a part of our community and begin to share in the incredible experience of fostering.

Visit our FOSTER section today and to see whether fostering is right for you. If so, fill out a foster application today and join the Wagging Hearts Foster Community. We can’t wait to meet you!

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