Goofy – RIP July 2013 from Blastomycosis

All The Time We Are Given …


Goofy was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Corbin, Kentucky. Abandoned by his owners at a trailer park. Waiting for someone to see him and save him. Enter Wagging Hearts who catches sight of a teddy bear face and sweet personality. We set in motion his transport to safety and sweep him away to Illinois as part of the Wagging Hearts adoptables. Space was at a minimal and being foster-based, boarding was Goofy’s short-term option. He made a serious impression on one of the animal care technicians at the boarding facility who decided to foster this tender boy. She quickly lost her heart to him and provided many hours of cuddles and love which we are forever grateful to as we did not know the disease that was ravaging his body. Our foster quickly surmised something was not right with Goofy and even had the quick thinking to take a video of Goofy as a series of ‘chewing gum’ seizures took over. This was the beginning of the end for our sweet prince as neurological damage had already begun to be ravaged by the Blastomycosis disease. We were too late in catching the right diagnosis in time for Goofy but hope that others will know the signs, the environments we expose our pets to, which to be cautious around and what to do if symptoms appear. Always seek the experienced opinions of your vet and ask for prompt action to be taken should you think your pet has this deadly disease. Time can mean the difference between life and death so take the chance and ask for the proper tests to determine if Blastomycosis has entered your life—and the life of your pet. Read more here.

Sometimes our fosters face the tragedy of losing the life of a rescue they have shared their home and heart with. We are forever thankful they were able to share in some of the most precious moments two lives can share. Intertwined forever. Forgotten never. A precious gift received with all the time we are given.


20130709_134819 20130710_191236 20130710_20574820130709_135839 979_23221_1_s0 979_23221_2_s0Watch Goofy’s Seizure video for signs of Blastomycosis infection.

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