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Dollars for Dandy: Urgent Medical Fundraiser


Urgent financial help needed!

Dollars for Dandy is a medical fundraiser to assist Wagging Hearts with a new soul who was surrendered after he was severely attacked by another companion animal. Dandy sustained serious injuries to his body and most especially to his right, front leg which is almost lost.

The total extent of his injuries are as follows:
  • 2 broken bones in his left front paw which is now casted
  • Splints for both front legs/paws
  • Significant number of bite wounds with some being found to be down to the bone
  • Bandage changes at least twice a day as his wounds are serious and infection is always a concern
  • Laser therapy to reduce the swelling in his right leg
  • Hyperbolic oxygen chamber treatments for several days because his right leg is swelling which will impact the reattached skin
In essence, Dandy was degloved from the knee to the bottom of his right leg. This means he had no skin, no tissue, no muscle left. He cried but not a snarl, not a nibble, not a growl to anyone that helped Dandy after the incident and moving him toward help. 2 plasma bags upon intake to stabilize him at the emergency clinic and a scary first night brought this boy to our door. A voice in trouble reaches out to us in an urgent plea to assist with Dandy, as his very life hangs in the balance, and immediate care is sought for Dandy through Wagging Hearts. This beautiful boy in now a part of Wagging Hearts rescue and we are asking for any amount of dollars for Dandy to help with his extensive medical care. We have watched this gentle boy be a sublime friend, guide and mentor to our intakes that passed through his home and life. We just simply could not let Dandy down. Photos to come, updates to follow.
Please take a moment to consider helping Wagging Hearts cover the growing medical costs to insure Dandy wins this fight for his life. Our rescue has taken in a considerable amount of medical cases over the last several months inclusive to prolapsed uterus/tumor, gun shot wounds, blunt force trauma, amputated legs, knife wounds as well as neglect and cruelty cases … the list goes on. We cannot do this alone as these lives deserve a hand to hold and a voice to call out on their behalf. We are their voice and you have the potentially to be their helping hand. Please visit our fundraiser and help us raise dollars for Dandy. Every dollar counts and every dollar counts. Thank you all for sharing this urgent need.

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Caring for Carter – A Medical Fundraiser

Carter_YouCaring_photoCaring for Carter: A medical fundraiser to help a beautiful rescue in need of a life-changing surgery. Help us, help Carter receive a leg up in this world.

Your Support Can Change Carter’s World?

Carter is looking to us to make him whole once more. Saved but broken is Carter’s problem. A critical break to his front leg will continue to make mobility extremely difficult without extensive, corrective surgery. Plates and stabilizers will be necessary as well as rehabilitation to insure that Carter will once again have full use of his leg. Please consider donating $5, $10 or maybe $20 to help us raise the necessary funds for Carter’s surgery.

Support Carter today!

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Making Lives Infinitely Better

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Wagging Hearts prides itself on saving ALL types of lives…healthy, sick, young, old, injured, deformed or debilitated. We wear blinders that allow us to see beyond the immediate and critical needs toward the beautiful future that exists beyond this moment. We move heaven and earth to right the wrongs that have ventured into the lives of our rescue animals. Quality of life being ever present while intermixing with the delicate harmony of each potential future. We save, heal and rehabilitate with love and tenderness. Occasionally the medical needs are great and heavy. We are experiencing an increased amount of medical visits stemming from a hoarding case in Kentucky. Wagging Hearts provided crucial assistance during this urgent situation by organizing a life-saving transport which partnered with other rescues to saves as many lives as possible. The medical cases we personally incurred have grown as many of the animals arrived with infected wounds and full-term pregnancies. These new lives are layered on top of existing medical cases, so we are asking for any assistance you may be able to provide. Perhaps you could donate a few dollars? Organize a mini-fundraising drive for items on our Wagging Hearts Wish List? Participate in our existing medical fundraiser? We appreciate the vital support you provide which allows us to not only save lives but make these lives infinitely better. Thank you for your help and don’t forget to sign up for our NEW Wagging Hearts Community Connection newsletter which will provide monthly updates on our medical success stories as well as much, much more.