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In Vino Caritas – In wine, there is charity.


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IN VINO CARITAS  … In wine, there is charity.

In Vino Caritas_medicalsJoin Wagging Hearts as we raise our glasses in a toast for the lives we are saving together. Your donations allow us to continue taking in the ones desperate for a hand to help them become healthier, happier and whole. Each dollar raised helps Wagging Hearts:

  • Continue to take in serious medical situations injured through 
circumstance, neglect or abuse.
  • Provide continued and consistent vetting care to the adoptables 
currently awaiting forever love.
  • Rescue, rehab and recover the shattered lives of animal victims like 
Jack Sparrow, Faith, Renny and so many more.

Stay for wine tasting, appetizers and raffle auction for 10 give-away gifts!! Preorder your raffle tickets through the Wagging Hearts PayPal link accessible at wagginghearts.org or head over to our FB page to join event.

In Vino Caritas_raffle ticketWagging Hearts can’t take all the medical, all the injured, all the neglected … but we can make a difference in the lives we can save, change & heal. Be a part of making a difference on Friday, June 20th.

In Vino Caritas_the journeyShare our flyer to invite others to raise a glass!

National Adoption Days at Petco : March 8th & 9th

WH_Event-banner2Who is going to come out and meet our adorable adoptables this weekend!!

Don’t miss our 2-day adoption event jammed pack with more lives seeking forever love wrapped in a forever home. Saturday, March 8th from 11 AM – 4 PM and then again on Sunday, March 9th from 11 AM – 3 PM at the Petco in Round Lake Beach, IL. Visit with us, cuddle with a pup, connect with an adorable adoptable and make an impact. Check out our Facebook page to see who will be onsite each day and fill out an adoption or foster application ahead of time. Don’t forget to LIKE us and follow our impact. Come prepared and leave with a new life shining bright with happiness and joy. Don’t miss this opportunity to find another piece of your heart. Adopt, foster, support. What will your impact be?

FOSTER HOMES needed for: Apollo, Barbara, Bryson, Lokie and Ninja (photos to come, brand new adoptable).

LOCATION: Petco in Round Lake Beach, IL

DATES & TIMES: March 8th from 11 AM – 4 PM & March 9th from 11 AM – 3 PM

Why Adopt?

Adoption Process & Fees

Consider Fostering with Wagging Hearts

Why Foster?

Consider donating to a phenomenal cause like ‘Caring for Carter’.

Email questions to contactus@wagginghearts.org. We hope to see you there!!



Making Lives Infinitely Better

Support Wagging Hearts through donations


Wagging Hearts prides itself on saving ALL types of lives…healthy, sick, young, old, injured, deformed or debilitated. We wear blinders that allow us to see beyond the immediate and critical needs toward the beautiful future that exists beyond this moment. We move heaven and earth to right the wrongs that have ventured into the lives of our rescue animals. Quality of life being ever present while intermixing with the delicate harmony of each potential future. We save, heal and rehabilitate with love and tenderness. Occasionally the medical needs are great and heavy. We are experiencing an increased amount of medical visits stemming from a hoarding case in Kentucky. Wagging Hearts provided crucial assistance during this urgent situation by organizing a life-saving transport which partnered with other rescues to saves as many lives as possible. The medical cases we personally incurred have grown as many of the animals arrived with infected wounds and full-term pregnancies. These new lives are layered on top of existing medical cases, so we are asking for any assistance you may be able to provide. Perhaps you could donate a few dollars? Organize a mini-fundraising drive for items on our Wagging Hearts Wish List? Participate in our existing medical fundraiser? We appreciate the vital support you provide which allows us to not only save lives but make these lives infinitely better. Thank you for your help and don’t forget to sign up for our NEW Wagging Hearts Community Connection newsletter which will provide monthly updates on our medical success stories as well as much, much more.