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‘Hearts’ On Our Sleeves – Nov. 16

WH_slider-OakElm-AEComing to Des Plaines with Our ‘Hearts’ on Our Sleeves!

Look out Des Plaines, Wagging Hearts is coming to town on Saturday, November 16th from Noon to 4 p.m. with our ‘Hearts’ on our sleeves looking for some forever love with some adorable adoptables. Come out and witness the beautiful personalities seeking a new home with joy in their eyes just to see YOU. Pop in to talk to us about fostering opportunities, adoptions, volunteering or support us through donations which can be dropped off during the event. We would love to meet you and thank you in person. Bring the family and consider going home with one of our ‘Hearts’, so deserving of a home to call their own. Perhaps drop by just to review our adoptables binder to see if one of our other adoptables in foster may be a better match and discuss with someone from Wagging Hearts in person. We can’t wait to see you there and will tell our ‘Hearts’ that some new friends and potentially forever families are on their way!! See you soon. Email questions to

Saturday, November 16th from 12 – 4 PM
1445 E Oakton St Suite C, Des Plaines, IL 60018
Adorable Adoptables coming to town:
(as coordinated with more to come)
Allie, Apollo, Athena, China (new pittie), Happy (new boxer), Hogan, Holly, Kiko (new shitz Tzu), Little Gracie, LuLu, Molly, Tessa (new pittie), Tilly, Vinny and pups (2 beagle mixes, 2 terrier pups). And more as they are announced.

Desperate for a Home, Desperate for Love

WH_slider-fosterWe are asking for a few good foster homes to open up for some of our adorable adoptables waiting patiently in boarding. Otis, Big Boy, Whiskey, Allie, Queenie, Peepers and Blue would all love to know the sweet feeling of foster love. The feeling of a soft blanket beneath their bodies or a pillow under their cheeks. The sound of laughter and the feel of sunshine through a window. The earthy smells of the woods drifting through an open window. Or the gentle touch of a hand upon their shoulders to reassure them that someone cares and they do matter.
So much love to share with someone willing to allow them to transition from boarding into a real home. A boarding facility, and even the best of them, is no substitute for sharing space, time and heart with others. Their is absolutely no substitute for being loved and loving someone back. The guidance and support a foster home provides is often our rescues first positive experience with someone who truly cares for them. Some have a puppy exuberance at the simple things like a soft blanket, toys, a rug or pillow just for them. YOUR attention will provide the largest impact. Your voice, touch, care, love and home will change the course of their lives. How amazing to share anywhere from a couple weeks to several months with a life that will ultimately only be living because YOU (their foster) stepped up to save them. That is the work being done here, that is the life-saving foster community of Wagging Hearts. A foster home is crucial and its impact undeniable. It is the next transition and we would like you to meet some of our saves that are waiting for there homes to appear. Please let us know if you can foster any of these beautiful souls that deserve a new second chance in life:

IMG_4017Otis, our lab-pittie mix who was saved as a pup from a high-kill shelter. Literally on the last day he was supposed to be alive. A miracle pup who has grown up in boarding with almost no socialization but with much love in his heart. Yearning for a real home. He will need someone that understands his energy and emotional needs. He is starving to show someone experienced that beneath the lightening in his soul, he is a great boy with lots of love to share. Otis is someone who will change your world. Just like a real home would change his. Check out his video!!

Big Boy_01Big Boy is a gentle giant with a big roar of love in his heart for someone to notice him. He may be large but is seemingly invisible. Sits like a gentleman waiting for signs of a treat. Ask him to give his paw and he will indulge. He can be a bit gruff with other males but that could be the transitions and boarding atmosphere impacting his personality. You can see the intelligence in his eyes as he watches and takes it all in hoping someone comes sees the tenderness in his heart. Oh what a companion he would be!

IMG_3892Whiskey is beyond a beautiful boy inside and out. With the gentlest eyes and soft, suede coat. Even his hoarse, raspy bay reminds one of an adventure with fun written all over it. Did we mention how much he loves to nibble on soft, furry toys? LOVES them!! The squeakier the better. All around a great big boy in need of active, stimulating mornings and cuddling, back-rolling nights. Check out his video!! More about Whiskey.

IMG_4071Allie is a sweetheart of a girl. Quiet and lost. Our longest resident in boarding who deserves to feel the arms of a family wrapped around her tightly. This beautiful lady has the softest mouth while nibbling on a treat. She is a pocketful of solid heart ready to climb into your lap for love. You can see she is lost as it has been so long since someone has called her their own. It has been a very long time since Allie has known what a real home feels like. Or the quiet of a night with love tucked all around. Check out her video!!

QueenieQueenie is a middle-aged gal with puppy in her heart. Crystal-blue eyes that seem to laugh when she smiles. Saved from a hoarding case and brought to a high-kill shelter in KY where she was rescued. Queenie will show you sweetness wrapped inside a loving embrace. If you are looking for someone to share the couch or play around outside…this is your gal! Happy to be anywhere with you and waiting for a home to fix her intense gaze upon.

IMG_4225Peepers smiles with joy in her heart. Low to the ground with enough love to light up the world. Definitely a dominant girl who likes to get her way and does not like to be pushed around. The first to play and roll around with the laughter bubbling up in her heart. She is innocence and light with a whole lotta’ muscle. She will need an experienced household to due to her strength and alpha personality. A sweetheart who likes to get her way! Check out her video!!

BlueBlue is perhaps a character that will bring endless laughter. Just a pup in heart and spirit. Saved on the day his number was up and eager to start his celebration by experiencing the comforts of a real home. A large boy in need of someone who is ready for his eager love for attention and cuddles. Perhaps even your food!! Blue has the ability to play with anyone and anything as his personality is one of joy and happiness with a smile that tells it all!

Remember, if you see a life you can help alter by opening up your home temporarily then we urge you to fill out a foster app today! They are waiting in a kennel for you and I to get them out. Each one deserving of sharing space and time with loving care givers in a real home. Fosters lay down the ground work which allows our animals to understand that people can be a positive experience and life can be a really beautiful journey. But until each one is out of boarding, they are only half-living. Only half-saved. Please consider your home as a foster home potential today.

Can’t foster…How about support through Volunteering? Donate? ‘Lend A Paw’ list?

And then their is ALWAYS adoption?


Goofy – RIP July 2013 from Blastomycosis

All The Time We Are Given …


Goofy was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Corbin, Kentucky. Abandoned by his owners at a trailer park. Waiting for someone to see him and save him. Enter Wagging Hearts who catches sight of a teddy bear face and sweet personality. We set in motion his transport to safety and sweep him away to Illinois as part of the Wagging Hearts adoptables. Space was at a minimal and being foster-based, boarding was Goofy’s short-term option. He made a serious impression on one of the animal care technicians at the boarding facility who decided to foster this tender boy. She quickly lost her heart to him and provided many hours of cuddles and love which we are forever grateful to as we did not know the disease that was ravaging his body. Our foster quickly surmised something was not right with Goofy and even had the quick thinking to take a video of Goofy as a series of ‘chewing gum’ seizures took over. This was the beginning of the end for our sweet prince as neurological damage had already begun to be ravaged by the Blastomycosis disease. We were too late in catching the right diagnosis in time for Goofy but hope that others will know the signs, the environments we expose our pets to, which to be cautious around and what to do if symptoms appear. Always seek the experienced opinions of your vet and ask for prompt action to be taken should you think your pet has this deadly disease. Time can mean the difference between life and death so take the chance and ask for the proper tests to determine if Blastomycosis has entered your life—and the life of your pet. Read more here.

Sometimes our fosters face the tragedy of losing the life of a rescue they have shared their home and heart with. We are forever thankful they were able to share in some of the most precious moments two lives can share. Intertwined forever. Forgotten never. A precious gift received with all the time we are given.


20130709_134819 20130710_191236 20130710_20574820130709_135839 979_23221_1_s0 979_23221_2_s0Watch Goofy’s Seizure video for signs of Blastomycosis infection.



Seeing double!? Yes, your seeing TWINS!! Cobie is Callie’s twin brother!! Cobie is a shepherd mix pup who is very energetic. Cobie loves to be around people. Unlike his sister who is independent. He loves to play and and snuggle with Liberty her foster sister.  Please consider having him become apart of your family!



What is not to love! This is Callie, but don’t get her and her brother Cobie mixed up! Callie is a very sweet shepherd mix pup. She is a very independent little girl who love to play nonstop. When she is all done you may need to go search for her because she has tucker herself into a nap, but if you turn the lights on she will wake right up. She get along so well with her foster sister Liberty. Liberty is very protective of the small fur kids, when she doesn’t see cries for them. Please consider adopting her.

Furry Ending for Thor

Furry Ending for Thor

A very busy afternoon for Wagging Hearts adoptions! Thor went to his new home today! He is being fostered until he is all ready to be adopted. He is fitting right in with their family and already has had a nap to get ready for his new adventures. He really loves his furever family especially his baby sister and of course mom and dad!  Congratulations Thor on becoming apart of your new family!



Look at his sweet face! February is looking for his forever home. He is a 4 yr old, Male Shih Tuz. Wagging Hearts rescued her from Chicago around Valentines day. Doesn’t he just melt your heart? February was scheduled  to be euthanized because he had a broken pelvis.  Now he’s all better, runs, jumps and is a typical happy flufball looking for his forever home February loves being held, and cannot give you enough kisses throughout the day! Please fill out an adoption application and bring him to his forever home!