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What a Great Dog’s Day … Day 2 Is Around the Corner!!


What a Day One at the Dog Days of Summer event as we head into Day 2.
Starting at 10:00 am tomorrow, July 14, 2013.

Today could not of been more perfect! The sun was out and the breeze blew through Rescue Row with a gentle whisper. Libertyville was up early preparing the street fronts along Church St., Cook St. and many others. Bowls of cool water were placed out in preparation of the many visitors coming out with their families. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats and kittens, even a tortoise. Mini swimming pools were set out for cooling down as were bowls of water at every turn. The cheers and barks from DockDogs could be heard from across the streets as many cheered those jumping with jubilee. What a day of exhilarating, joyful, petastic fun.

Our adoptables came out in full force. We brought many of our rescues out of boarding to show off their fantastic personalities and beauty. Foster families brought the rescues in their homes out in a united effort to find some forever love. Libertyville did not disappoint our sweethearts as some of our saved lives made a real and beautiful connection with perfect strangers simply out for a day of fun. We were able to talk with some good-hearted individuals who made the decision to start fostering and provide a temporary haven for a life in need of one. What a day with more to come!!

Agatha, Jenna, Henry, Peepers, Skyler, Lemon, Thelma, Joshua, Whiskey (watch video), Foxy and Gretchen.

Please fill out an adoption application as soon as possible if you spotted a life you want to adopt or better yet, met one you couldn’t live without.

Need more information on our adoption process?

Want to see more adoptables?

Would you like more information on fostering?

Thank you to all our volunteers, fosters and animals for the smiles, cuddles for Day 1 of 2. Hope to see you all tomorrow for more unbelievable moments that are better spent together.

Whiskey, An Adventurous Soul


Meet Whiskey, a male, Coonhound/Pointer mix. Currently in foster looking for forever love. A sweet and handsome boy with a coat that just shines in the sun. Eyes soulful and deep, filled with mysteries of untold stories. Whiskey was saved from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. He made the journey in early May and has been staying with his foster family in Northern Illinois. Unwinding and exploring life has all that has been on this boy’s mind. He enjoys the company of other dogs but cats seem to draw just a little too much attention from Whiskey. He is true to his breed characteristics and will need consistent exercise and rigorous activity to keep his active mind content. Nose to the ground or in the air to see what is near. Whiskey is always on alert and ever ready to call out with a series of bays when someone has arrived. Diligent and focused on his surroundings, Whiskey is just alight with joy for his surroundings. A little jumpy and learning his manners so a little understanding will be needed. An all-around joy to watch as seen in his latest video debut.

“A sweet, loving, energized-spirit in need of a home.”

Consider filling out an adoption application and to request a meet and greet with Whiskey. It won’t take long for you to see his charm and fall hard for those beautiful, shining eyes. Whiskey is just an application away.

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